What Are Home Remedies For Bed Bugs?

There are several home remedies for bed bugs, however using your common sense, using a good registered bed bug product is what the EPA highly endorses in their Integrated Pest Management protocol.  The protocol encompases registered pesticides and non-chemical pesticides and home remedies we list below.

Contrary to common belief, encountering a bed-bug infestation in your home does not necessarily imply that your home is dirty. While it’s correct that bed bugs might be brought about by a cluttered home, they’re more typically transported into your home by staying in hostels that are plagued, purchasing used furniture and even riding on an aircraft or public transportation.

Homeowners are pushed to contact professionals to tackle their infestation ; however , sometimes a tight monetary situation or a vacation weekend where your exterminator is closed might lead you to taking things into your own hands. Additionally, you cannot expect to call an exterminator and expect your bed bug infestation to just go away. 

The EPA highly commends using their Integrated Pest Management protocol which requires Home Remedies for Bed Bugs such as de-cluttering, vacuuming, cleaning, steaming and encasing your mattress. In other words, you can’t just spray bed bug spray and expect your problem to go.

Mattress and Box Spring – Home Remedies

The only way to stop bed-bug infestation is to contain your mattress and box spring in a protecting bed bug mattress cover with zip closure. As of 2009, these mattress covers are priced in the range of $20 to $80, dependent on the dimensions of your mattress.

These covers will contain the infestation and will enable you to sleep nicely without incurring any bed-bug bites. The mattress covers should get left on for 3 to twelve months, as this is the period of time bed bugs can be sustained without a blood meal.

Linens & Clothing – homemade remedies

Pillows, bed linens, towels and clothing should be exposed to powerful heat. Though one of the primary features that attract bed bugs to human bodies is our relatively high body temperature, bed bugs are said to be unsustainable in high heats. After an infestation has been confirmed, pillows, bed linens, towels and clothing should endure extreme heat exposure.

Wash the aforementioned stuff on a hot water cycle and then run them through the highest heat setting of your dryer. In order for powerful heat exposure to be effective, the minimum temperature of heat should be 120 degrees Fahrenheit. As an additional precaution, after extreme heat exposure, pillows should be contained in a protecting pillow cover. Pillows are dense, one or two bed bugs may have survived the extreme heat exposure by tunneling into the inside of the pillow.

Cleaning frenzy – Home Remedies

Homeowners are inspired to use DIY methods of chemical and non-chemical treatment. Nevertheless cleaning the affected rooms with robust housecleaning products can seriously reduce the dissemination of bed bugs. Use a robust product to scrub the surfaces in the influenced rooms.

Don’t use a fabric because you will simply drag along the bed bugs and the eggs if they become caught under the rag. Instead, use a stiff-bristle cleaning brush to comprehensively scrub down the surfaces.

Focus especially on used furniture which has been acquired from places like yard sales or thrift shops, as they are some of the leading transports that help bed bugs make their way into your house. In addition, scrub floors, windows and walls. Be certain to seal any cracks and crevices in walls with caulk.

Thoroughly vacuum carpet and, using the suction attachment on a vacuum, get into the corners and tack strips on carpet. If you fear that bed bugs have made their way into your lounge, thoroughly hand-vacuum fabric furniture, for example couches, ottomans, recliners and computer chairs.

Use hand held steam cleaners to steam your furniture, bedding, drapes and mattresses.  The steam will kill the bed bugs, remove the bed bug stains and also sanitize your environment.