What Attracts Bed Bugs?

what attracts bed bugsBedbugs are attracted to their hosts essentially by carbon-dioxide and by heat.

This makes people their first target! You breathe out CO2 while asleep and the bed bugs are highly attracted to you. Additionally, you are warm and you are not moving which also makes you a prime target.

Although bed bugs do not fly or jump, they can climb up your bed posts or any bedding that’s laying on the floor, to get to you while you are sleeping. A bedbug pierces the skin of its host with 2 hollow feeding tubes.

The victim never realises they are being bitten because while they are sticking you with their feeding tube, they are also injecting a solution into your skin which numbs the injection area. Once the numbing wheres off, you begin to feel the itchy allergic reaction from the bites.

Bed bugs are interested in living things and feed on blood, not filth. Many people believe that filth is what attracts bedbugs. This is partly true . If you have a lot of junk or clutter  in your bedroom, this is also a prime area for bed bugs to hide . We seriously recommend you reduce the mess immeditely and clean the room. 

Bed bugs start to become a problem when they become hungry for blood, though candidly they can never be an especially fascinating resident in your place. They usually stay in their homes or hiding places  between meals and are only made to go out if they’re starving. The warmth of a close-by body is what pulls them ; they can perceive a food source up to approximately 5-10cm away.

Bed bugs use their very developed mouthparts to bite and suck blood from the skin of a credulous person. Engorgement time can last so long as 7 mins or as short as one minute. An adult bed bug can absorb around 7 times of its own body weight in blood. The bed bug instantly retreats to its hiding place after feasting and then lays eggs again.

A person will only understand that he’s been bitten by a bed bug when he discovers the huge wheals in the influenced part of the body. These wheals finally turn into a little read mark which will stay for at least two to three days.

Bed bug bites may also be distinguished by the controlled manner the wheals are formed, unlike mosquito bites that have a random pattern. It is always advised that the affected area shouldn’t be scratched to avoid infection and immediately washed with soap and water.

Bed bugs do like any piece of the body that has good blood flow. So the reproductive organs will be included in their list of target spots.