What is the best way to get bed bugs out of your furniture?

There are several options when getting bed bugs out of your furniture. You can use one method we recommend, or you can use all of them for the ultimate bed bug erradication.

Our AllStop Dead Bed Bug Contact Killing Spray it great when you can see the bed bugs. It is an on contact bed bug killer. If you can see bed bugs in the folds of fabric or in the cracks where groves or legs meet, spray the contact killing spray directly on them and they will die within seconds.

For infestation where you know they are present, but cannot see them there are a coulpe of ways to eliminate bed bugs just as effectively. Diatomaceous Earth is a great way to have long lasting effective bed bug killing power. Sprinkle this dust in the folds of the fabric, in the cracks and crevices of the furniture and anywhere else you can put it. Once a bed bug crawls through this dust they are sure to die. The dust pierces through the bug’s exoskeleton and begins the process. For the bed bug, this is sure death.

We also offer bed bug interceptors. These can be placed under the legs of any furniture to catch the bed bugs as they come out at night and try to feed on you. They will be caught in the interceptor and cannot get out. You can sprayer them with the contact killing spray in the morning or you can even relieve some of that built up tension they’ve caused you and smash them one by one if you like. We recommend the latter of the two, just for the fun of it!