What products do you have for bed bugs?

We offer a full line of Bed Bug Treatment products. Our AllStop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray is our most popular bed bug product. Our non-toxic formulas are safe to use in your home without fear of side effects or worry about your pet’s or children’s health. You can treat your bed with this effective bed bug killer and immediately lay down and go to sleep. There is not waiting period. It’s just that safe.

Diatomaceous Earth is also proven effective when combatting bed bugs. Sprinkle the DE around baseboards, cracks, crevices, electrical outlets and anywhere else bed bugs are suspected to be living. As long as the dust is present and dry it will be effective. If you sweep or vaccumm it up, sprinkle some more down afterwards to continue the effects of Diatomaceous Earth. When a bed bug crawls through this dust it peirces their exoskeleton and begins to dehydrate the bug. It will not die instantly, but death is imminent for this blood sucking bug.

We also offer bed bug interceptors. These are great for around your bed posts, sofa legs, table and anywhere else you feel the need for bed bug detection. These will allow you to catch and identify if you truly have bed bugs. Once they are in the interceptors, they can’t get out.

Our complete treatment products allow you to get rid of bed bugs in your home safely. Exterminators and pesticides can’t offer you that. Learn more about bed bugs.