Where do you get bed bugs?

There are many ways one might get a bed bug infestation. The most common way is from recent travel. Bed bugs are extremely common in hotels, motels, nursing homes, large apartment complexes and dorms. Anywhere there are large concentrations of people residing in a small area bed bugs are not uncommon.

Many people unknowningly bring bed bugs into their home with their luggage or clothing after travelling.

Another common way to bring bed bugs home is from buying used furniture. When buying used furniture it is important to inspect for the presence of bed bugs. You can do this by looking in the folds of the material and underneath the furniture. If you find little dark brown or red specs, this is a sure sign of the presence of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are known as “the travelling bug”. They can hitch a ride home on your shoes or clothing. They do not like to touch your skin, so you probably won’t see or feel them on you.

If you have had recent visitors, they might have brought them with them. It’s not that you or your visitors are dirty people. Bed bugs do not judge by cleanliness, wealth or race. Bed bugs see one thing — blood. They are just waiting for their next blood meal.

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