Will bed bugs result in night bug bites in bed?

Yes. If you have bed bugs, the infestation will result in bug bites during the night, and these will most likely occur at night.  Bed bugs tend to feed on you while you are sleeping in your bed. They do this because it’s the best time for them to feed. They prefer to feed and go unnoticed. While you are sleeping and it’s dark is the best time for bed bugs to feed on you without you noticing. In fact, most people never even feel the bed bugs biting. 

Bed bugs bites are most often compared to that of a mosquito. Bed bugs and mosquitos both have strong anticoagulants in their saliva that allow them to bite you and thin the blood. This allows bed bugs to get the most blood per bite. They do not like to be seen and are pretty sneaky little insects.

Coming out primarily during the night, as not to be seen, they will barely make contact with your skin. If possible, bed bugs actually prefer to not touch you at all. As they make contact with your skin they inject an anticoagulant into your skin that thins the blood and allows them to drink much more of your blood than they would without the anticoagulant. A bed bug bite might even resemble that of a mosquito.

The bite will become inflamed, raised and red. This is due to an allergic reaction you are having to the anticoagulant in their saliva. A bed bug bite will itch just like a mosquito bite as well. They more you scratch, the more it will itch. Many have described a bed bug bite to be an insatiable itch — meaning they just cannot satisfy the itch. No matter what they do the itch continues.

It’s important to resist scratching the bites as much as possible. Constant scratching can result in open sores. The open sores can run a high risk of turning into secondary bacterial infections. The dirt and bacteria under your fingernails and in your environment naturally will have an open invitation to enter your body if the bites are not taken care of properly.