Will bed bugs die if you freeze them?

YES!  Our research shows bed bugs would die if they are frozen. Bed bugs cannot withstand freezing temperatures. If a bed bug is frozen their body swells just like when water turns to ice. When they begin to defrost their extreminities for off and they die. This is much like a busted pipe during freezing weather.

When the pipes freeze and bust you do not see an immediate problem until the defrost and the water begins to flow again. This is the same with the bed bugs. When they freeze they are not yet dead, but dormant, when they defrost the joints have become so swollen that they have actually detached from the body. When they defrost the legs fall off and the bed bugs die.

It is common for bed bugs to go up to one year without a blood meal especially in colder temperatures. During cold weather and extreme cold temperatures, espcially like those in the New England states, it is not uncommon for people to think that have eliminated their bed bug infestation. During these cold temperatures bed bugs go into a dormant stage, and come out again during warmer weather. The bed bugs are not gone, just dormant.

We are currently in the process of testing in our labs several products that will freeze bed bugs and thus kill them. These products are not yet available for sale. Please check back with us at a later date for our latest bed bug products.

Until this product becomes available on the market we still offer our non-toxic Dead Bed Bug Contact Killing Spray and our Diatomaceous Earth which, when used together, have a 98% success rate in eliminating bed bugs completely. We have tested our formulas in labs for the effectiveness and are proud to offer you the safest and most effective bed bug treatment method on the market today.