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What do bed bug nymphs look like?

Bed bugs nymphs go through five molts, taking a blood meal between each one. This stage can last from several weeks under favorable conditions up to as long as a year when hosts are unavailable and temperatures are low.

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Will the bed bug products work to kill other insects?

We offer a variety of bed bug products such as a non-chemical bed bug contact killing spray, a bed bug pesticide spray, climbup interceptors for your bed and furniture, organic diatomaceous earth for residual killing power and steamers. YES!  Our residual bed bug products are registered with the EPA for killing other insects. Our bed…

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Will bed bugs die if you freeze them?

YES!  Our research shows bed bugs would die if they are frozen. Bed bugs cannot withstand freezing temperatures. If a bed bug is frozen their body swells just like when water turns to ice. When they begin to defrost their extreminities for off and they die. This is much like a busted pipe during freezing weather.…

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