Will they just go away without bed bug treatment?

The simple and straightforward answer is NO. Bed bugs will not go away without proper bed bug treatment.

If a bedbug infestation goes without treatment, it will only cause the bed bugs to reproduce creating more nymphs and cause the infestation to grow out of control.

It is very easy for a bed bug infestation to quickly grow out of control if action is not taken to eliminate bed bugs immediately. Bed bugs breed and reproduce rapidly.

Every time they feed on you and your family they are growing stronger and laying more eggs, which then in turn hatch, become adults with a short time frame and start the cycle all over again. You need a safe, non-toxic bed bug killer.

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Will neem oil kill bed bugs?

It has been said that neem oil would kill bed bugs, but most studies have shown it simply deters them staying where ever it is applied. However, that would only kill bed bugs on contact.

The problem with this is that bed bugs hide in spaces that you cannot reach them with a spray.

Neem oil should also not be sprayed or consummed by pregnant women, women trying to conceive or where children are present. Neem oil has many useful purposes, which are mainly limited to medicinal purposes.  Continue reading “Will neem oil kill bed bugs?”

Will foggers work to kill bed bugs?

No!  Foggers have not been proven effective when killing bed bugs, but they do not kill the eggs. If the eggs are left behind, they will hatch within days and the infestation will start the cycle all over again. Bed bug poison and bed bug powders have been proven unsuccessful on many occasions due to the fact that bed bugs have developed an immunity to modern day pesticides.  Continue reading “Will foggers work to kill bed bugs?”