How can I get the bed bug rash cured on my skin?

You can get a bed bug rash cured on your skin by using anti microbials or cortizone creams.  The cortizone creams have anti itch properties in them that relieve the itch while the anti microbial sprays, gels and creams relieve the itch and also heal the skin from the constant scratching.

There are bed bug bite packs on the internet that are proven highly effective on bed bug bites or you can resort to using home remedies.  We’ll discuss a few options below.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #1 By far, the most popular and most cost effective answer is with baking soda and water when using home remedies.
Make a paste , then place on the bite and let dry.   Below lists what to do when using this home remedy for your bed bug rash.

1) Make sure to wash the bed bug bites with soap and water.

2) Make a thick sticky paste with the water and baking soda, not too runny and thick enough that it will stay.

3) Let the paste stand until completely dry and then wait an hour or so. Some let it stand for hours while others find that an hour or less is fine.

4) Gently wash the paste off and pat dry.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #2 Other natural remedies for treating bed bug bites include:

St. John’s Wort, Witch hazel,  and Lemon juice – these all work effectively by removing the d itch (Astringents).

Bed Bug Rash Cure #3 The Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe plant is how many people treat bed bug bites and it contains anti-microbial and antibiotic properties that work highly effective and great! Simply trim a tip and apply the exposed area to the bite.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #4 Another home remedy which as been Handed down from several generations is a bath with peppermint oil.  Just fill the tub with bath water, then add a half cup of peppermint oil to relieve the itching.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #5 – How to Treat Bedbug Bites using OTC or Over The Counter medication.

  1. Cortisone cream stops the itching
  2. Calamine lotion also stops the itch
  3. Just about any topical anesthetic containing pramoxine will stop the itch
  4. Hydrocortisone cream is effective for quick itch relief
  5. Get itch relief with Naproxen or Ibuprofen or a anti-histamine like benadryl to help reduce swelling
  6. Light paste of aspirin and water like you would with baking soda and water

Will they just go away without bed bug treatment?

The simple and straightforward answer is NO. Bed bugs will not go away without proper bed bug treatment.

If a bedbug infestation goes without treatment, it will only cause the bed bugs to reproduce creating more nymphs and cause the infestation to grow out of control.

It is very easy for a bed bug infestation to quickly grow out of control if action is not taken to eliminate bed bugs immediately. Bed bugs breed and reproduce rapidly.

Every time they feed on you and your family they are growing stronger and laying more eggs, which then in turn hatch, become adults with a short time frame and start the cycle all over again. You need a safe, non-toxic bed bug killer.

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Will foggers work to kill bed bugs?

No!  Foggers have not been proven effective when killing bed bugs, but they do not kill the eggs. If the eggs are left behind, they will hatch within days and the infestation will start the cycle all over again. Bed bug poison and bed bug powders have been proven unsuccessful on many occasions due to the fact that bed bugs have developed an immunity to modern day pesticides.  Continue reading “Will foggers work to kill bed bugs?”