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Does your company offer a spray for bed bugs while traveling?

Our All Stop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray is available in a 32oz bottle which can be used to kill bed bugs while traveling. This spray can be used on the mattresses, head boards, foot boards, and all other areas of hotel rooms without staining and ruining furniture. The All Stop Dead Bed Bugs…

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How do the products find the bed bugs?

The products are not made to find the bed bugs. Our goal is to educate you enough that you can find them. Don’t worry, our DE-Stroy Peast Control Eco Dust is made to kill the bed bugs that you can not find.

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Bedbugs how to kill them?

In Aug 2010, the EPA assembled an Integrated Pest Management protocol for killing bed bugs in the U. S., DeadBedBugs has been following this very Integrated Pest Management custom for years before this statement was even announced. The current national issue with bedbugs is almost certainly likely due to the convergence of three human behaviours…

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