How can I get the bed bug rash cured on my skin?

You can get a bed bug rash cured on your skin by using anti microbials or cortizone creams.  The cortizone creams have anti itch properties in them that relieve the itch while the anti microbial sprays, gels and creams relieve the itch and also heal the skin from the constant scratching.

There are bed bug bite packs on the internet that are proven highly effective on bed bug bites or you can resort to using home remedies.  We’ll discuss a few options below.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #1 By far, the most popular and most cost effective answer is with baking soda and water when using home remedies.
Make a paste , then place on the bite and let dry.   Below lists what to do when using this home remedy for your bed bug rash.

1) Make sure to wash the bed bug bites with soap and water.

2) Make a thick sticky paste with the water and baking soda, not too runny and thick enough that it will stay.

3) Let the paste stand until completely dry and then wait an hour or so. Some let it stand for hours while others find that an hour or less is fine.

4) Gently wash the paste off and pat dry.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #2 Other natural remedies for treating bed bug bites include:

St. John’s Wort, Witch hazel,  and Lemon juice – these all work effectively by removing the d itch (Astringents).

Bed Bug Rash Cure #3 The Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe plant is how many people treat bed bug bites and it contains anti-microbial and antibiotic properties that work highly effective and great! Simply trim a tip and apply the exposed area to the bite.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #4 Another home remedy which as been Handed down from several generations is a bath with peppermint oil.  Just fill the tub with bath water, then add a half cup of peppermint oil to relieve the itching.

Bed Bug Rash Cure #5 – How to Treat Bedbug Bites using OTC or Over The Counter medication.

  1. Cortisone cream stops the itching
  2. Calamine lotion also stops the itch
  3. Just about any topical anesthetic containing pramoxine will stop the itch
  4. Hydrocortisone cream is effective for quick itch relief
  5. Get itch relief with Naproxen or Ibuprofen or a anti-histamine like benadryl to help reduce swelling
  6. Light paste of aspirin and water like you would with baking soda and water

What products do you have for bed bugs?

We offer a full line of Bed Bug Treatment products. Our AllStop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray is our most popular bed bug product. Our non-toxic formulas are safe to use in your home without fear of side effects or worry about your pet’s or children’s health. You can treat your bed with this effective bed bug killer and immediately lay down and go to sleep. There is not waiting period. It’s just that safe.

Diatomaceous Earth is also proven effective when combatting bed bugs. Sprinkle the DE around baseboards, cracks, crevices, electrical outlets and anywhere else bed bugs are suspected to be living. As long as the dust is present and dry it will be effective. If you sweep or vaccumm it up, sprinkle some more down afterwards to continue the effects of Diatomaceous Earth. When a bed bug crawls through this dust it peirces their exoskeleton and begins to dehydrate the bug. It will not die instantly, but death is imminent for this blood sucking bug.

We also offer bed bug interceptors. These are great for around your bed posts, sofa legs, table and anywhere else you feel the need for bed bug detection. These will allow you to catch and identify if you truly have bed bugs. Once they are in the interceptors, they can’t get out.

Our complete treatment products allow you to get rid of bed bugs in your home safely. Exterminators and pesticides can’t offer you that. Learn more about bed bugs.

Will bed bugs result in night bug bites in bed?

Yes. If you have bed bugs, the infestation will result in bug bites during the night, and these will most likely occur at night.  Bed bugs tend to feed on you while you are sleeping in your bed. They do this because it’s the best time for them to feed. They prefer to feed and go unnoticed. While you are sleeping and it’s dark is the best time for bed bugs to feed on you without you noticing. In fact, most people never even feel the bed bugs biting.  Continue reading “Will bed bugs result in night bug bites in bed?”

Will bed bug bites make me sick? Become Infected?

Bed bug bites have not been linked to any diseases or illnesses by the medical community yet. Currently, their medical significance is mainly limited to the itching and inflammation. This is caused by an allergic reaction to the bed bug saliva secreted into the wound while bed bugs feed. This is due to anticoagulants in the bed bug saliva similar to mosquitos.

Those who have become sick from bed bug bites is mainly due to secondary infections caused by scratching the bites. Bed bug bites can be extremely itchy for some and will the host to scratch. Open sores can be a result of constant scrathing. The bacteria we naturally carry under our fingernails can result in secondary infections.  Continue reading “Will bed bug bites make me sick? Become Infected?”

When should I start seeing results from the bed bug treatment?

You should be able to start telling a difference in the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours of treatment. We have tested and continue to test the effectiveness of our products. Bed bugs have evolved over the years to become immune to most traditional pesiticides. Our formula is developed to be the highest performing product on the market. With a 98% success rate, we know our All Stop Dead Bed Bug Contact Killing Spray works.

The length of your treatment time depends soley on the severity of the bed bug infestation. Severe bed bug infestations may take a little more time than a mild bed bug infestation. Either way we can develop of custom plan to eliminate bed bugs from your home. If you are not seeing results with the first week of the initial application of the bed bug treatment.

Our company policy is actually contingent with you contacting us within the first seven days after receipt of the products if they are not working for you in order for our company to assist in troubleshooting for bed bugs. We will work with you to eliminate bed bugs so you and your family can get a good night sleep — bed bug free.

We also offer bed bug bite packs that help with the intense itching bed bug bites cause. Our ProEcza cream will soothe the itch and begin to repair the skin, while the Healing Gel also included in the bed bug bite pack helps keep sores and bites clean and free of secondary bacterial infections. We pride ourselves in being your complete bed bug solution for your home and your skin. Get the relief from bed bugs you deserve.