Will bed bugs result in night bug bites in bed?

Yes. If you have bed bugs, the infestation will result in bug bites during the night, and these will most likely occur at night.  Bed bugs tend to feed on you while you are sleeping in your bed. They do this because it’s the best time for them to feed. They prefer to feed and go unnoticed. While you are sleeping and it’s dark is the best time for bed bugs to feed on you without you noticing. In fact, most people never even feel the bed bugs biting.  Continue reading “Will bed bugs result in night bug bites in bed?”

What is diatomaceous earth for bed bugs?

Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is crushed up fossils of fresh water organisms and marine life. To insects it acts as shards of glass that would cut their exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate and die.

It is 25B exempt under federal EPA standards and does not require registration. It is a natural product used in eliminating bed bugs.

Our All Stop DE-Stroy Eco Dust is a food grade diatomaceous earth powder. It is made of crushed fossils of fresh water organisms and marine life.

It is made to cut the exoskeleton of bed bugs like shards of glass causing the bed bugs to dehydrate and die and is also commonly used as a natural pesticide for animals.

Our food grade diatomaceous earth will not kill the bed bug on contact, but the bug will die within the next couple of hours after making contact with the dust. It is a great tool against bed bugs because as long as it is present, it is working. If you sweep or vaccuum the dust up, just apply some more once done to keep the effective bed bug killing dust present and working.

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the most powerful tools when combatting bed bugs because you don’t have to hunt them down or seek them out. You can apply this dust where ever necassary — the bed, bedframe, mattress, head boards, base boards, cracks, crevices and even electrical outlets where they may be hiding in the walls.

Electrical outlets are actually a common place for bed bugs to hide. They like the warmth and frequencies that the wires inside the walls give off. Sprinkle a little dust in and around the outlet to give you extra bed bug killing power where you normally could not get it.

What is the life cycle of a bed bug?

The Life Cycle of a bed bug consists of Bed bug eggs will usually hatch in one to three weeks, depending on tempurature meaning the warmer the weather, the shorter the incubation time. Nymphs go through 5 molts, taking a blood meal between each one. The stage can last from several weeks under favorable conditions up to as long as a year when hosts are unavailable and temperatures are low.

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Are your bed bug products nontoxic?

Yes!, Some of our bed bug products  are non toxic bed bug products.   DeadBedBugs follows the EPA’s Integrated Pest Management requirements; thus using both non-chemical OR non toxic bed bug product methods for surfaces that touch your skin AND the use of pesticides that contain residual killing power for up to 60 days is what works best when killing bed bugs.

Because bed bugs have grown immune to some pesticides the use of both types of products along with using common sense practices is what what provide you with the best protocol when getting rid of bed bugs in your home.

Note that non toxic and non chemical bed bug products are good for use around children and people with compromised immune systems.  We highly recommend using non toxic bed bug products on your bedding, furniture and your mattress and box spring.  For the most part, the non toxic bed bug sprays are usually contact killing sprays while the food grade diatomaceous earth is all natural and it keeps on killing bed bugs as long as the dust is laying around!  Remember that steam also a natural was to kill bed bugs and to also sanitize, remove bed bug excretions and clean your environment where bed bugs have invaded.

Bed bug control is handiest when an Integrated Pest Management approach is implemented with conscientious collaboration by the home owners In both a single family housing AND  multi-family housing.  Diligent collaboration is also needed of the building executives when dealing with multi-family housing.

When killing bed bugs in multi-family housing, you also need to get the tenants on top, at the bottom and tenants on both sides of you involved because bed bugs crawl through the walls and travel from apt to apt.  It must be a group project to be successful.

Integrated Pest Management conveys benefit of each suitable pest management choices, coupled with the judicious use of insecticides. Although bedbugs may well sometimes be reserved by non-chemical way exclusively, thispractice is commonly very hard, most likely works less effective, and typically more resource comprehensive. An all-encompassing integrated pest management programme to control bedbugs Could allow for a considerable number of techniques such as :

  • Using monitoring devices,
  • Removing litter where bedbugs can hide,
  • Applying heat medication such as steam cleaning with a hand stored steamer,
  • Use of a vacuum cleaner,
  • Closing cracks and crevices to get rid of covertness areas,
  • Using non toxic pesticides ( such as Killing dust ) and
  • Considered use of effective compound insecticides

A well-done community IPM program can diminish both the pain and price of handling bedbugs. The essential philosophy of bed bug Integrated Pest Management is founded on the undeniable hard fact that bed bug infestations will not depart without intervention.

Encroachment with a definite Integrated Pest Management custom is most effective when bed bug populations are low. EPA and CDC recommend in a joint statement that pest control operators ( PCO ) and environmental health executives throughout the U.S. Continue to use Integrated Pest Management principles as they address the bed bug issue.